About Me

BizJones_aboutme_circleWhen I began this blog, I was just in my beginning stages as a professional photographer. I had been working for a few years as a photo assistant and gallery manager in the fashion and fine art photography world, but had not yet found my niche. It wasn’t until a friend casually teased, “Biz, all you ever talk about is food!” that I realized I should be turning my camera toward something edible.

My social life has always revolved around baking, cooking, and hosting friends, so food photography felt like a natural fit. This blog began as a place to experiment with recipes while learning the ins and outs of food photography. I learned a lot by trial and error as well as through assisting dozens of other talented food photographers throughout New York City.

Several years into the food scene, I can now happily say my business as a food, still life, and interiors photographer and videographer is blossoming. Such that I no longer have the time I once had to consistently develop new recipe posts. I will still share a few recipes from time to time, but the primary focus now will be to share my new work and keep you updated on Biz Jones Photography. Let’s get down the Bizness!